Australian Wine Varieties

Australian Wine Varieties of Australian Wine

Australian Wine Varieties

Australian wines are renowned for their ability showcase the variety of Australian vineyards as well as to create unique flavours in their Australian wines. The wide range of Australian vineyards, from the humblest winery in Geelong to Penfolds in the Barossa Valley and those in MargaretRive in Wesdtern Australia are spread across wide geographic areas that remain relatively untouched by commercialization. One of Australia’s most well-known vineyards is Braeside Country. The area, which encompasses parts of Bass, New England, Victoria and South Australia, has always been home to some of Australia the most well-known wines.

The Australian Vines are among its finest. They are famous for their vigorous growth, their disease resistance and capacity for long-term storage without spoiling. Similar to the grapes of France and Italy, Australian grapes can be used to make nearly any wine. The Australian Black Riesling, for instance, is a tribute to the Black Riesling grape varietal that was introduced to Australia from Germany in the 19th century. The Black Riesling grape variety was also the inspiration behind the Australian Pinot Noir.

White versus red: Both these varietals are categorized as “giant” however the difference lies in the way they’re handled. White wines are made from just one grape variety and are therefore considered lighter in color compared to red wines. The fermentation process called “estermentation” is carried out by using yeast and fruit. This is what gives the wine its deep color. In Australia the most traditional method of making white wine is to mix of black and white grapes. “Blending” also happens but this means using the entire pulp of white varieties while leaving the skins of the other two varieties. This is how Australian red wines are made.

Merlot The Merlot grape is extremely popular due to its soft flavor and wonderful aroma. It’s the most well-known of all Australian wines. It’s also the simplest to cultivate. Certain varieties have a darker color and richer aromas. There are many sub-varieties.

Cabernet Sauvignon: This wine is Australia’s most popular. It is produced in cool streams or lakes. This is a semi-active wine with less tannin than its cousin the Merlot. It is the result of a wine with deep flavors and a smooth and mellow scent.

Shiraz/Sherry is an red wine that is well-known for its aroma and flavor. It is naturally darker than Merlot, and has stronger flavors. Australian Shiraz/Sherry wines tend to be mixed with Australian Zinfandel. They are also matured in oak barrels. Australian Shiraz is famous for its balanced sweetness of sweet malts, and spicy zest.

Pinot Noir: This is an extremely popular variety of Australian wine. The name comes from the white, purple and black colours of the grapes. It is a full-bodied wine and may vary from soft to bold. Pinot Noir is the most difficult variety of Pinot Noir to grow. But, the finest wine is produced from the main vine so that it is free of bugs and pests. Pinot Noir can be blended with other varieties or other kinds of grapes, depending on the taste.

Mocha It is a spicy variety, perfect for those who enjoy a bit of kick in their wine. Mocha is named after the Morinda anemones, which reside in the river’s water that is shallow. They release the oil through spores.

Merlot: A classic Australian vintage wine. It is moderately sweet and has floral undertones. It is great with meats that are slightly dry. Merlot is very well-known in Australia because of its versatility. Merlot is also very well-liked in Italy.

Cabernet Sauvignon: This wine is quite rare and expensive. However, it pairs well with foods that are a little salty, such as pork. Old cabs are delicious particularly when combined with Chardonnay.

To get a good impression of Australian wine, you can look up the local wineries. Many of these wineries offer online ordering. You should not have any difficulty in finding the right Australian wine for you, given the variety of Australian wines available. You can choose from a wide selection of whites, reds, fruit wines, roses and sweet vermouth. There are a variety of options when choosing local wineries.